2006 Cable-Tec Expo: June 21–23, 2006 Colorado Convention Center(2)

Wed, 05/31/2006 - 8:00pm
COMPANYBOOTH # 3M Company1137 3SAE Technologies Inc.1419 ACI Communications Inc.1037 Adams Cable Equipment Inc.506 Adams Global Communications923 ADC1331 Adrian Steel Company119 ADVA Optical Networking501 Advance Fiber Optics Inc.510 Advanced Communications Inc.1215 Advanced Media Technologies1443 Advanced.1303 AdventNet822 AEA Technology Inc.810 AFL Telecommunications331 Agilent Technologies500 Alcatel USA Marketing Inc.531 Allied Bolt615 Alloptic315 Allot Communications2041 Alpha Technologies1062 Alpha Technologies856 Altec Industries Inc.780 AM Networks Inc.1054 Ambit Microsystems213 American Antenna Inc.515 American Pipe & Plastics Inc.917 American Polywater Corp.1221 Andrew Corporation437 Anritsu Company626 Antronix Inc.549 APA Cables & Networks1305 Applied Instruments Inc.1016 Applied Optoelectronics Inc.821 Aptiv Digital Inc. (formerly Pioneer Digital)362 Aqua-Tronics Inc.1321 Arcom1031 Arcwave Inc.421 408-558-2300 Fax: 408-558-2302 Arcwave's ARCXtend MetroE Wireless Plant Extension Solution for Fiber Networks creates a transparent wireless bridge between a cable operator's fiber network and customers' sites supporting delivery of fiber-based services without the delay and expense of fiber builds. It enables MSOs to profitably deliver high value Ethernet Internet Access, Private Line, Private LAN and IP-based services to previously unreachable commercial customers. ARNCO Corporation2026 ARRIS1662 Arroyo Video Solutions1380 Artel Video Systems1076 ATCi1746 ATX Networks1485 ATX Services Inc.1485 AudioCodes1200 Aurora Networks571 Auspice Corp.170 Auxora Inc.1401 Avid Technology1935 B&L Coaxial Connections Ltd.1485 Baker Financial Rental and Leasing817 Batavia Services Inc.1315 Batteries Plus1323 Bear's Wear Inc.1017 Bekaert Corporation543 BelAir Networks1360 Belden CDT Electronics Division1927 Bentley Systems Inc.751 BigBand Networks156 Blonder Tongue Laboratories Inc.1011 BNS Precision Industry Co. Ltd.1324 Bridgepoint Communications Inc.1937 Broadband Installation Services1364 Broadband Integrated Resources1827 BroadBand International472 Broadband Telecommunications1844 Broadbus Technologies Inc.270 BT&E Utility Products Inc.1316 BTI Photonic Systems1644 Budco Inc.1733 CA1629 Cable Constructors Inc.1527 Cable Electronics Inc.621 Cable Innovations1110 Cable Prep831 Cable Services Co. Inc.910 Cable Technologies International Inc.1541 Cable Yellow Pages1125 CableMatrix1645 Cablesat International Co. LTD.425 CableServ Inc.1933 Cabletek Wiring Products Inc.2049 CAMIANT Inc.249 Carlon1828 Carrier Access Corporation813 Carson Industries LLC1211 Caspian2046 CATV Services Inc.812 C-COR980 Cedar Point Communications1675 Century Wire Products Corp.707 Challenger Cable Sales717 Channell Commercial Corp.555 Ciena731 Cisco Systems Inc.1045 Citel Inc.2047 Coast CATV Equipment Supply Inc.606 Coaxsys Inc.1945 Commercial Electronics Inc.1734 CommScope1460 Communication Associates Inc.827 Communications Products & Services Inc.716 ComSer-Co. Inc.704 ComSonics Inc.1231 ComTech Services1002 Concurrent125 Confluent Technology Group1640 Contec Holdings LLC449 Contract Technologies International Inc.516 Corning Cable Systems1343 Corning Gilbert Inc.1354 CP Technologies1934 Custom Tool Supply613 Dawnco1841 DCD Design & Manufacturing Ltd.1226 Deployment Technologies Inc.1406 DF Countryman Co.720 DFS/USA, Diversified Fastening Systems Inc.1630 DH Antenna1649 Diamond USA1832 Digeo Inc.725 Digicomm International Inc.476 Digitrace Inc.1926 Dimensions Unlimited Inc.921 Diversified Cable611 Draka Comteq1500 DSG-Canusa1830 DT Search & Designs LLC710 DTNET/VCG Technologies1726 Dura-Line Corporation914 Dymo Organization1421 Eagle Comtronics Inc.521 EGT492 Electric Motion Company Inc.1727 Electroline Equipment Inc.431 Electrorack Enclosure Products1846 Eltek Energy LLC1003 Emerson Network Power Connectivity Solutions1131 Empirix1413 Environ Laboratories LLC825 Equipment Technology Inc.1865 Ericsson1015 ESRI1107 Evertz1831 Excess Logistics Inc.1732 EXFO1835 Extreme Broadband Engineering1429 Filtronic Signal Solutions807 First Choice Communications1072 Fluke Networks1206 Force Inc.1946 Fox Electronics Inc.407 Fujitsu Network Communications865 Furukawa America Inc.1740 GE Energy2035 GENBAND Inc.1533 General Machine Products Co. Inc.1121 Gibson Technical Services Inc.1957 GIS Data Resources Inc. (GDR Inc.)2040 GLDS-Great Lakes Data Systems1626 GNB Industrial Power, A Division of Exide Tec2028 Golden Bridge Cable Co.1928 Hal-Tec Corporation1223 Hangzhou Jialei Cable Co. Ltd.525 Harmonic Inc.1180 Hitachi Telecom (USA) Inc.1014 Holland Electronics LLC517 Humbrall627 ICM Corporation1020 Imagine Communications Inc.1742 IMC Networks1834 IMMCO Inc.1025 Infinera337 International Cable Corp1386 IPITEK1337 JacobsRimell Ltd1947 Jameson LLC1940 JDSU1475 John Weeks Enterprises Inc.1245 Jones Broadband International1005 JONES/NCTI1437 Jumper Shop739 Juniper Networks1320 Lemco Tool Corp.1126 Leviton Voice & Data1114 LiComm Co. Ltd.1214 LightCore, A CenturyTel Company2032 Lindsay Broadband Inc.1349 Lode Data Corp.1951 LOOS & CO. Inc.1207 LS Communications Co. Ltd.2043 Lucent Technologies1729 Luxcore Networks Inc.133 Lynn Ladder Co.901 Mainline Equipment Inc.773 MapFrame Corporation1627 MapInfo Corp.1531 MasTec231 MAXCOM747 MCR Group Inc.1646 MDSI Mobile Data Solutions443 Mediacell1743 Medley and Company401 Mega Hertz356 MET Laboratories Inc.1736 Michels Communications1310 Microtune920 Midwest Cable Electronics LLC.610 Minacom1931 Mintek Mobile Data Solutions1101 MK Battery1325 Modular Energy Devices624 Monroe Electronics524 Motorola176 MP Instrument Company806 Multicom Inc.1510 Multilink Broadband1652 Nagasima Electronic Equipment Co. Ltd.1944 Narad Networks293 NCO-Corp.1631 NCS Industries Inc.724 Net2Phone1420 Netwave Co. Ltd.811 NeuStar Inc.1410 Nickless Schirmer & Co.907 NMT Corporation1105 Nortel790 Nuera Communications605 858-625-2400 Nuera Communications provides carrier-class VoIP media gateways to cable MSO networks worldwide. These products enable operators to provide primary line services to residential and enterprise customers. Nuera's commitment to excellence and reliability allows MSOs around the world to offer the highest in both quality and value for voice services. OFS949 Oldcastle1010 Olson Technology Inc.620 Omnitron Systems Technology Inc.1021 OpenTV764 OpVista Inc.207 OSP Magazine1111 OVCS Inc.1930 Pace Micro Technology Americas1372 Pacific Interconnections LLC815 Panasonic Broadcast & Television Systems Co.1402 Panasonic Computer Solutions Co.537 Parasun Technologies Inc.1407 PCI Technologies Inc.1485 PCT International873 Pelsue Company141 PELUSA925 PenCell Plastics1024 PerfTech Inc.1730 Phoenix Broadband Technologies1415 Pico Macom739 Plastic Techniques Inc.906 Polaris Management616 Power & Telephone Supply Co.1455 PPC1877 Precision Valley Communications1632 Preferred Technologies1326 Preformed Line Products1422 Prime Design Aluminum Ladder Racks800 Primex Manufacturing Corp.900 PROTEX Weatherproofing Inc.1485 Proxilliant Systems Corp237 Prysmian Cables & Systems1449 QRF Inc.1485 Quality Cable & Electronics Inc.1506 Quality Cable Services927 Quest Controls Inc.1849 R.L. Drake Co.2036 Radiant Communications941 Radiodetection/Riser Bond1414 Reliable High Performance Products, Inc.1227 Remote Security Systems LLC.723 RGB Networks485 Ripley Company1547 RMS Communications711 Rohde & Schwarz Inc.913 Rostra Tool Company1747 Rycom Instruments Inc.1400 Sadelco Inc.911 Safety Vision625 Sandvine1423 Sapias Inc.713 Satellite Engineering Group1641 Satvision Technology International Inc.1411 Scientific-Atlanta, A Cisco Company1681 Scopus Network Technologies347 Scott Cable Communications Inc.1537 SeaChange International579 Sencore Inc.1859 Senior Industries Inc.325 Server Technology1311 Shanghai Qianjin Electronic Equipment Co. Ltd.505 Sherman & Reilly Inc.916 Siemens201 Sievert Industries1117 Sigma Systems Canada Inc.254 416-943-9696 Sigma Systems is a premier provider and leader in the design, development, and deployment of OSS service management solutions. As a global company, we automate CSPs business and operational processes enabling them to define, activate, manage and diagnose subscribed, on-demand and real-time IP broadband and wireless services. Sigma's Solutions provide the "Intelligence Behind Converged Services Delivery" and is supported by the company's proven ability to empower a greater freedom of service choice for the digital consumer. See Sigma at Booth # 254 Signal Vision Inc.1249 Southwold Enterprise1216 SPATIALinfo2027 Specialized Products Company1304 Spectrum Technical Services702 Standard Communications739 Steelweld Equipment Company148 Steren Electronics739 Stirling Connectors1314 Sumitomo Electric Lightwave1416 Sun & Sea Telecommunications Co. Ltd.411 Sunrise Telecom Broadband647 Superconnect1220 Superior Essex1210 Supply Solutions1102 Suttle520 Taiwan Cable Connection Corp.1749 TANDBERG Television Inc.462 TCS Communications LLC1634 Tech Products Inc.1504 Techni-Tool Inc.1104 Tec-Trac427 Tekelec243 Telecrafter Products1120 Teleplan Videocom Solutions225 Tellabs1633 Tempo Research Company1840 Terawave Communications262 Terayon Communication Systems1170 Terex Utilities757 The Cable Center511 The Flyover Company1224 The Weather Channel1300 Thomas & Betts1165 Thomason Broadband Supply512 TII Network Technologies Inc.1845 Time Manufacturing Co.931 Times Fiber Amphenol1429 Tollgrade Communications Inc.593 Toner Cable Equipment Inc.924 Transition Networks1113 Trilithic, Inc.662 TriNet Communications Inc.824 Tripod Data Systems (TDS)1103 TRS-RenTelco527 Tulsat1520 Turtle & Hughes1301 TVC Communications1155 Tyco Electronics655 Tyco Electronics Power System2031 Universal Electronics Inc.1239 Universal Power Group721 Universal Remote Control Inc.631 Unlimited Services1741 Uraseal Inc.1317 Utility Products1514 VCom Inc.1753 306-955-7075 888-292-8266 VCom custom designs and manufactures communications products for data-over-cable, digital video, fixed broadband wireless, point to multipoint, and advanced analog applications. VCom's newest products include the VistaLynx edge QAM, CableVista edge decoder, and a family of products for wireless broadband (based on WiMAX). For more information call +1 306 955 7075, explore, or visit us at booth 1753. ViewTEQ714 Vital Systems Electronics Inc.641 Volicon Inc.415 Vozzcom820 Vyyo (formerly Xtend Networks)455 Wade Antenna Ltd.1518 Wave7 Optics Inc.816 Wavetone Technologies614 Webcom Communications1628 WEGENER1941 Weintraub Telecomm1826 West 1 CATV Supplies Inc.113 Willing Cable & Electronics Co. Ltd.1006 WooshCom Corporation1529 World Wide Packets309 Yokogawa1637 Zhone Technologies219 ZyXEL Communications Inc.1201



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