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November 27 - 30, 2001

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Customer premise equipment

Wave7 adds CPE

ANAHEIM, Calif.-Optical access system developer Wave7 Optics announced the introduction of the subscriber interface and gateway devices for its Last Mile Link advanced optical access system. The announced Last Mile Gateway (LMG) series of customer premise devices includes both a residential and business model, and both provide subscribers a range of high-speed data interface options, POTS or VoIP telephony solutions, and optional cable TV or IP video.

Wave7's LML optical access system provides an optical platform that can deliver the big three-voice, video and data-with dedicated and on-demand symmetrical data rates of up to 500 Mbps, all on a single fiber.

Pace demos self-installation of home networking

ANAHEIM, Calif.-Pace Micro Technology Americas is demonstrating how consumers can register, install and activate their own wireless networked home using the digital set-top as a home gateway. A complete self-provisioning solution will enable consumers to plug-and-play home networking technology in 15 minutes, according to the company. Pace is giving consumers the ability to activate their own networked home in five steps using Conexon, a service activation and self-provisioning system from Interactive Enterprise.

Motorola boxes may get AOLTV

ANAHEIM, Calif.-Some of the popular features of the successful AOLTV platform may find their way onto current and next-generation digital set-tops from Motorola, the two companies recently announced. The agreement between the two outlines an initial effort to provide Motorola's broadband network operators with the potential to provide digital cable subscribers with a number of popular AOLTV features like e-mail and instant messaging, as well as Buddy List and Buddy Chat features.

The collaboration will work to create a simple software download for the current generation DCT-2000 and DCT-5000 set-top families. Motorola has shipped more than 18 million digital set-tops to operators around the world, and the software upgrade would ideally encompass all of the boxes already deployed in the field, as well as future DCTs coming down the line.

Pioneer ships Voyager 3000

LONG BEACH, Calif.-Pioneer has shipped its latest digital set-top box, the Voyager 3000, to long-time partner Time Warner Cable, and various MSOs across the country. The set-top is powered by Broadcom's "system-on-a-chip" single chip MPEG processor.

Universal Electronics offers remote control watch

ANAHEIM, Calif.-New from Universal Electronics is a remote control watch which uses UEI's database of IR codes to operate numerous devices. The watch features comprehensive coverage of the most frequently used TV and cable box functions, analog timekeeping and brand communication via a custom logo on the watch face.

DCT-4900 also on Motorola's set-top roadmap

ANAHEIM, Calif.-In addition to its new line of DCT-2500 and DCT-2600 digital cable set-tops, Motorola Broadband also has at least one other box on its product roadmap, CED magazine has learned. 

The DCT-4900 is slated to be a "gateway" box, and house a 162 MHz CPU, the VRTX operating system (or a Linux-based OS alternative), a standard 32 MB memory footprint, upgradeable to 128 MB, a hard drive option, and home networking support for protocols such as HomePNA. Initial specs for the DCT-4900 also call for three tuners (two in-band, one out-of-band), three standard USB ports and two optional IEEE 1394 links. 

A Motorola spokesperson would not confirm the existence of the DCT-4900, but said: "We are looking to expand our roadmap with additional set-tops, but have nothing definite [to share publicly] quite yet." 

In an attempt to beef up and flesh out its 2000-class, "thin-client" digital set-tops, Motorola Broadband is debuting the DCT-2500 and DCT-2600 at the show. Much more powerful than existing DCT-2000s, Motorola's stouter DCT-2500 features a 175 MHz CPU and support for up to 64 megabytes of DRAM. The 

DCT-2600 houses those features plus a hard disk for personal video recording capabilities. The set-top's hard drive capacity will range from 30 gigabytes to 60 gigabytes, depending on operator preference. 

Dubbed "enhanced-interactive" set-tops, those boxes are backwards compatible with middleware and applications (video-on-demand, Internet access, e-mail, chat and impulse pay-per-view) ported to the "core-interactive" DCT-2000, Motorola said. Both models are expected to become available in mid-2002.

Motorola did not disclose price points, but sources said the DCT-2500 goes for less than $300; however, both will house the Vx Works operating system, and middleware options from companies such as Liberate Technologies, OpenTV Corp. and WorldGate Communications Inc.

Motorola's new set-tops also complement the company's line of "thick-client" DCT-5000s, introduced at June's National Show in Chicago, Ill.

CacheVision launches DVR family

ANAHEIM, Calif.-Start-up CacheVision Inc. unveiled its first family of digital video recorders targeted specifically at cable operators and designed to communicate with cable-ready TVs and analog/digital set-tops. 

In an effort to help MSOs to offer "value-added" services such as targeted advertising and personalized news, CacheVision's line of CVR-4000 recorders starts with the CVR-4100, a DVR that connects through a set-top's serial or universal serial port, and comes in two hard drive flavors: 20 gigabytes and 40 GB. The 20 GB model goes for $225, and the 80 GB product sells for $250. The 4100 DVR "sidecar" utilizes the VxWorx operating system, the OS inherent in DCT-2000 set-tops, and an operator-branded electronic program guide based on HTML and JavaScrip


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