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November 27 - 30, 2001

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Network management / monitoring

Test equipment, network management marriage

Indianapolis, Ind.-A new partnership announced by test and measurement company Trilithic and network management software provider AM Communications reveals a trend taking hold with network operators-that field operations are likely to become more efficient as test equipment companies and management system suppliers partner to share key network information with technicians in the field.

The new Trilithic/AM partnership specifically allows technicians using the Trilithic 860 DSP field data terminal to view the status or performance of any network element being monitored by AM's Omni2000 Cable Network Management software.

Technicians in the field are sure to benefit from having more network information available to them. Beyond that, AM and Trilithic have said that they will open their interfaces to other companies with the goal of providing true integration across all the disparate layers of testing and network management systems.

Smarter diagnostics from Sigma

ANAHEIM, Calif.-A new service assurance diagnostic application from Sigma Systems aims to automate the troubleshooting process used by CSRs and TSRs to diagnose service related issues along the network. The Service Diagnostics Manager, the latest addition to Sigma's Service Management Portfolio, allows service reps to launch pre-configured troubleshooting tests that classify problems as originating either with the subscriber or the cable operator.

By automating the troubleshooting process, Sigma hopes that operators will save significant costs in support personnel training, and reduce response time through quick diagnoses and minimal call-backs or hand-offs. Sigma claims that some operators using the new application have reduced call times from 30 to 3 minutes.

AM announces Total Quality Assurance program

QUAKERTOWN, Pa.-AM Broadband Services Inc., a subsidiary of AM Communications Inc., is now offering a software-optimized, Total Quality Assurance Service to its customers and prospective customers. The TQA program was developed with the support and recommendations of several of the company's clients who were experiencing difficulties in the provisioning of their fulfillment services.

The TQA program provides customers with a trained quality assurance staff which monitors a percentage of the daily work performed by the technicians in the field. The results are immediately entered into the technician's laptop computer and transmitted to a master database, where all of the information is compiled and reports are generated. The reports can include departmental and company QC results, billing discrepancy information, and individual technician performance results. Digital images of all inspected work can be made available in an easily-accessible Web-based program. Equipment usage and material management functions can be added. 

"Our clients needed a way to reconcile equipment provisioning and to monitor the quality of work performed by both their in-house and outsource labor providers. This Web-based program offers both a software solution and a service solution in one package," said Mac Qurashi, Group VP of AM Broadband Services.

Radiant debuts remote Monitoring

SOUTH PLAINFIELD, N.J.- Radiant Communications has announced its Series RM1100 system for remote monitoring of the entire channel lineup over an existing local area network. Each system is custom configured for the end user's needs: there is no limit to the number of remote hubs that can be monitored, or the number of stations that can monitor a hub. Traveling technicians can use their laptop computers to monitor remote hubs from any LAN location, including other hubs. The Radiant RM1100 system can also be used to control other items normally controlled by infrared or RS-232.

The system allows users to remotely monitor an entire channel lineup, using a set-top box, via an existing LAN; easily monitor multiple remote hub locations from anywhere on a network; and remotely activate DVDs, VCRs, and other devices that would normally require a technician on location.

SpanPro debuts new project management tool

ANAHEIM, Calif.-SpanPro Solutions Inc. has introduced WebWorx Permit, which takes traditional wall map data, puts it online, and delivers it electronically, via the Web. Those capabilities enable MSOs and contractors to track, monitor and manage multiple projects in real time, 24-hours-a-day, seven-days-a-week, regardless of the manager's location. 

WebWorx Permit allows users to track all the data involved in attaining and tracking the status of permits throughout their cable systems. It tracks the permit types, expiration dates and procedures and displays the data graphically, via an electronic wall map. The permits are represented as "push-pins" and overlaid on the base map of the system. Status information and alerts for expired permits can be assessed at a glance. WebWorx Permit is a Web-based system, so that management processes can be completed from any Internet-enabled PC.


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