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November 27 - 30, 2001

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Fiber optics

Harmonic further widens return path

ANAHEIM, Calif.-One thing is for sure...As bandwidth-intensive applications like high-speed Internet access, cable telephony and VOD proliferate, network digital return paths will be constrained like never before. New services will likely max out upstream capacity within current HFC networks, so network operators will need to find ways to maximize the infrastructure already in place within their networks.

However, new tunable DWDM return path laser transmitters from Harmonic may help alleviate some of that return path pressure. The new NDT 3059A family of transmitters consists of nine temperature-hardened models, each of which can be hosted in any of Harmonic's PWRBlazer node platforms. Each NDT 3059A model uses a wavelength-adjustable, isolated, cooled DFB laser that can be tuned in blocks of four adjacent wavelengths for support of up to 36 wavelengths on the ITU grid. That means less cost for operators to add new wavelengths or stock spares.

Conxxus will deploy Wave7 FTTH system

ALPHARETTA, Ga.-Conxxus LLC of Paxton, Ill. has chosen Wave7 Optics' Last Mile Link Fiber-to-the-Home system to serve its customers with high-speed data, voice and video services. Conxxus will initially deploy the Last Mile Link to serve 2,000 homes, with expansion plans to serve 10,000 homes through 2002.

The Wave7 Optics optical access system provides video, high-speed data and telephony services to subscribers with dedicated and on-demand symmetrical data rates of up to 500 Mbps per subscriber.

Radiant Communications introduces two new CWDM products

SOUTH PLAINFIELD, N.J.-Radiant Communications has announced two new CWDM units, the DL223 and DL224. The first unit is a four-channel 10/100 Ethernet Fiber Multiplexer. Four separate 10/100 data streams are optically multiplexed together and can be transmitted for distances over 100 km, using two singlemode fibers. The four 10/100 Ethernet streams are physically separated, as opposed to being combined together and transmitted as part of a Gigabit Ethernet Network. This physical isolation between each data stream is a complete barrier, and is more secure, according to the company, than any software controlled system.

The DL223 will work with any type of Ethernet architecture: bus, ring, point-to-point or any combination. 

The DL224 is a four-channel, Gigabit Ethernet Fiber Multiplexer that is available in two versions. One is a multimode to singlemode converter, where the DL224 connects to four Gigabit Ethernet Multimode fiber switch points, and transmits the information bi-directionally over two singlemode fibers for long distances. The other is a singlemode repeater, which repeats the signal for distances beyond 80 km.

Wave7 pushes fiber farther

ANAHEIM, Calif.-Wave7 Optics Inc. has announced its high-bandwidth, fiber-deep Last Mile Link (LML) optical access system, which company officials say eliminates the current cost and implementation barriers faced by network operators in deploying fiber-to-the-home and fiber-to-the-business systems.

The LML optical access system provides video (cable TV and digital, including IP streaming), high-speed data and telephony services (IP-based or circuit-based) to subscribers with dedicated and on-demand symmetrical data rates of up to 500 Mbps per subscriber, all on a single fiber. The Last Mile Link architecture is standards-based, cost-competitive with current HFC implementations and includes Quality of Service mechanisms. 

The architecture "allows the network operator to offer service level agreements on a per subscriber basis and to incrementally bill on differentiated service offerings, simultaneously providing service to business and residential subscribers," according to Wave7 President and CEO Tom Tighe.


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