Packetcable Network Components*

Tue, 09/30/2003 - 8:00pm
The CMS manages and maintains call state for VoIP services, and is composed of two elements: a call agent and a gate controller.
CompanyProductPC 1.0 qualified?Notes
Cedar Point CommunicationsSAFARI C3YesWon PacketCable 1.0 qualifi-cation in wave 26. Trial relationships with Comcast and MetroCast Cablevision.
Cisco Systems BTS 10200Yes Awarded PacketCable 1.0 qualification in wave 25.
Convergent NetworksICSXNo
Gallery IP Telephony CAssiopeia Softswitch R3.0No
Nortel Networks Succession Communication Server 2000 (CS2000) YesAwarded PacketCable 1.0 qualification in wave 26.
Nortel NetworksCS2000 CompactNo"Compact" version uses a Motorola chassis; used in systems without an installed digital multiplexing system.
Siemens Carrier NetworksSURPASS hiQNoSupporting Cablevision's IP-based Optimum Voice service.
Sonus NetworksInsignus CMSNo
Syndeo Corp. Syion 426YesAwarded PacketCable 1.0 qualification in wave 25.
Telcordia Technologies Telcordia Call AgentNoSubmitted CMS for Packet-Cable 1.0 qualification in wave 27.
Verso Technologies Clarent Class 5 (C5CM) NoVerso acquired assets of Clarent Corp. in Feb. 2003.
This component makes network announcements, and consists of the media player controller and the media player.
Company ProductNotes
ConvediaCMS-6000CMS-6000 scales up to 18,000 media processing ports.
CMS-1000CMS-1000 is for entry-level deployments for smaller service providers.
IP UnityHarmony6000 Media ServerParticipating in Comcast's Philadelphia VoIP trial and Liberty Cablevision's test in Puerto Rico.
Nortel Networks Universal Audio Server
Siemens Carrier Networks SURPASS media serverSupporting Cablevision's IP-based Optimum Voice service.
SnowShore NetworksN20 Media Server, A1 Media ServerN20 version is the company's flagship model; the A1 is for smaller VoIP footprints.
This piece of the overall PacketCable PSTN gateway exchanges messages with the PSTN's SS7 network. Other elements of the PSTN gateway include the media gateway and media gateway controller.
CompanyProductPC1.0 qualified?Notes
Cedar Point Communications SAFARI C3
Cisco SystemsBTS 10200
Convergent NetworksICS2000
Gallery IP Telephony CAssiopeia Softswitch R3.0
General BandwidthG6 Eastern Broadband Telecom has deployed the unit in Taiwan.
Nortel NetworksPassport 15000 PVG (Packet Voice Gateway)
Nuera CommunicationsRDT-8 Deployments with ops such as Comcast (Detroit), Eastern Broadband Telecom and Singapore’s StarHub.
Siemens Carrier Networks SURPASS hiG Supporting Cablevision's IP- based Optimum Voice service.
The media gateway provides the bearer circuit interfaces to the PSTN and transcodes the media stream. The media gateway controller, as the third element of the PacketCable PSTN Gateway, manages the interconnection with the PSTN by controlling the media gateway and the signaling gateway.
CompanyProductPC 1.0° qualified?Notes
AudioCodesMediant Cable Access GatewayNo
Bitwise CommunicationsXIPliteNo
CableCom SolutionsDOXphoneNo
Cedar Point SAFARI C3No
Cisco Systems BTS 10200No
Convergent NetworksICS2000No
ComMATCHDuet 3000/No
ComMATCHDuet 6000
Gallery IP Telephony CAssiopeia Softswitch R3.0No
General BandwidthG6NoSubmitted media gateway to CableLabs for PC 1.0 testing in wave 27.
Nortel NetworksCS2000No
Nortel NetworksCS2000 CompactNo
Nortel NetworksPassport 15000No
Nortel NetworksPVG (Packet Voice Gateway)
Nuera CommunicationsBTX-8YesAwarded PC 1.0 qualification in wave 26.
BTX-21NoNuera is participating in Liberty Cablevision trial and Comcast and Armstrong Cable deployments.
Rapid 5 NetworksRapid Convergence Platform RCP-700No
Siemens Carrier NetworksSURPASS hiGNo
This component coordinates the interactions for the PacketCable protocol servers and multimedia terminal adapters, and performs the initialization, authentication and registration functions for MTA provisioning.
ADCFastFlow Broadband Provisioning Manager
Alopa NetworksMetaServ
CEONCeon Integration & Provisioning Suite
CiscoCisco Broadband Access Center
Core NetworksCoreTempo
Dorado SoftwareRedcell Registrar - Cable Edition
IncognitoIP Commander - Broadband Edition
Interactive EnterpriseConexon
Lemur NetworksI-Fabric
Liberate TechnologiesService Broker
Lucent VitalQIP
Net2PhoneCable Voice OSS (CVOSS)
According to CableLabs, this element serves as the short-term data repository for PacketCable event messages. It receives messages from the CMS, CMTS and media gateway controller, then collates them into sets of designated back office systems for additional applications processing.
BayPacketsRSI Mediate RKS
Cedar PointSAFARI C3
EDB TelesciencesSterling Mediation System
Hewlett-PackardHP OpenView Internet Usage Manager
Net2PhoneNet2Phone record keeping server
Nortel NetworksSuperNode DataManager
The primary point of security and key distribution in a PacketCable 1.2 network, based on the Kerberos trusted third-party authentication and authorization protocol.
IPFonixPacketCable Key Distribution Center
Lemur NetworksI-Fabric
Nortel NetworksSuccession Communication Server 2000 CS2000 CompactNortel's CMS gear contains a blade that handles the (CS2000) KDC function.
Sources: CED research, CableLabs, company reports and Kinetic Strategies Inc.
*Companies and some product models are listed in multiple categories because a growing number of these products integrate or combine several elements into one physical device.


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