U.S. Residential Cable Telephony Deployments and Trials

Mon, 09/30/2002 - 8:00pm
U.S. Residential Cable Telephony Deployments and Trials
Service or trial MSO Primary MarketCBR/VoIP Deployment/trialLaunch dateTelephony vendor(s)
AT&T Broadband Atlanta, Ga.CBRDeployment Jan. 1998 ADC
Boston, Mass. CBR Deployment Oct. 1998
Chicago, Ill. CBR Deployment June 1999Arris
Dallas, TexasCBR Deployment Sept. 1999Arris
Denver, Colo. CBR Deployment Dec. 1999Arris
Hartford, Conn. CBR Deployment July 2001 Arris
Jacksonville/Pompano, Fla.CBR Deployment July 1998Tellabs
Los Angeles, Calif. CBRDeployment April 1998
Pittsburgh, Pa. CBR Deployment Dec. 1999Arris
Portland, Ore. CBR Deployment May 2000 Tellabs and ADC
Richmond, Va. CBR Deployment Jan. 1999
Salt Lake City, Utah CBR Deployment Feb. 2000
St. Paul/Minneapolis, Minn.CBR Deployment Dec. 1999
San Francisco, Calif. CBR Deployment Dec. 1999 Arris
Seattle, Wash. CBR Deployment June 2000
Additional AT&T Broadband cable telephony data*Telephony-ready homes passed: 7.6 million
Phone customers: 1.2 million
Penetration rate: 16 percent
Net additions in 2Q 2002: 105,000 subs
Avg. revenue per phone sub: $57.20
Cablevision Fairfield County, Conn. CBR Deployment
Long Island, N.Y. CBR Deployment
Additional Cablevision cable telephony data* Homes marketed:157,320
Penetration: 8.0 percent
Avg. revenue per phone sub:$58.62
Charter Communications St. Louis, Mo. CBR Deployment
St. Louis, Mo.VoIP Trial
Stevens Point, Wis. VoIP Trial
ComcastAlexandria, Va. **CBR Deployment1996 Switch: Nortel Networks Cable phone platform: Arris
Detroit, Mich. VoIP Market trial (ongoing as of Aug. 2002)Oct. 2001 CPE: Motorola Broadband CMTS: Arris GR-303 interface: TollBridge/Nuera
Detroit, Mich.*** CBR DeploymentMay 1999 Switch: Lucent Technologies Cable phone platform: ADC
Philadelphia VoIP DeploymentSlated for mid-2003 CMTS: Arris
Cox CommunicationsHampton Roads, Va. CBR DeploymentNortel Networks, Arris
New England CBR Deployment1998 Nortel Networks, Arris
New Orleans, La. CBR Deployment2002 Nortel Networks, Arris
Oklahoma City, Okla. CBR DeploymentNortel Networks, Arris
Oklahoma City, Okla. VoIP Trial (completed)Nortel Networks, Tollbridge Nuera, ADC, Motorola, Arris
Omaha, Neb. CBR DeploymentOct. 1997 Nortel Networks, Arris
Orange County, Calif.CBRDeploymentOct. 1997 Nortel Networks, Arris
Phoenix, Ariz. CBR DeploymentNortel Networks, Arris
San Diego, Calif. CBRDeploymentNortel Networks, Arris
Tucson, Ariz. CBR DeploymentNortel Networks, Arris
(not a full-market deployment)
Additional Cox cable telephony data* Telephony-ready homes passed: 3,708,135
Customers: 578,231
Penetration rate:15.6 percent
Avg. weekly run rate: 4,764 subscribers
Insight Communications Anderson, Ind.CBR DeploymentExpected deployment Arris
Columbus, OhioCBR DeploymentMarch 2002 Arris
Evansville, Ind. CBR DeploymentAug. 2001 Arris
Lexington, Ky. CBR DeploymentJuly 2002 Arris
Louisville, Ky. CBR DeploymentJan. 2001 Arris
Additional Insight data* Total telephony subscribers: 17,600
Knology Inc. Augusta, Ga. CBRDeployment Arris
Charleston, S.C.CBR Deployment Arris
Columbus, Ga. CBRDeployment Arris
Evans, Ga. CBRDeployment Arris
Forest Hills, Ga.CBR DeploymentArris
Grovetown, Ga.CBR DeploymentArris
Gunter AFB, Ala. CBRDeployment Arris
Harvest, Ala. CBRDeployment Arris
Huntsville, Ga. CBRDeploymentArris
Knoxville, Tenn.CBR DeploymentArris
Ladson, S.C. CBRDeployment Arris
Lanett, Ala. CBRDeployment Arris
Lynn Haven, Fla. CBRDeployment Arris
Madison, Ala.CBR DeploymentArris
Martinez, Ga. CBRDeployment Arris
Maxwell AFB, Ala.CBRDeploymentArris
Midland, Ga. CBRDeploymentArris
Montgomery, Ala.CBR Deployment Arris
Mount Pleasant, S.C. CBRDeployment Arris
Montgomery, Ala. CBRDeployment Arris
North Charleston, S.C.CBR DeploymentArris
Panama City/Panama City Beach, Fla.CBR Deployment Arris
Pike Road, Ala. CBRDeploymentArris
Prattville, Ala. CBRDeployment Arris
Redstone Arsenal, Ala. CBRDeploymentArris
Summerville, S.C. CBRDeployment Arris
Valley, Ala. CBRDeploymentArris
West Point, Ga.CBR DeploymentArris
Additional Knology data* Telephony subscribers100,864
RCN Boston, Mass. CBRDeploymentApril 1998 Lucent, Tellabs
Carmel, N.Y. CBRDeployment1997 Lucent, Tellabs
Chicago, Ill. CBRDeploymentNov. 1997 Nortel Networks
Lehigh Valley, Pa. CBR Deployment1997 Lucent, Tellabs
Los Angeles, Calif. CBRDeploymentApril 2001 Lucent, Tellabs
New York, N.Y. CBRDeploymentJan. 1998 Lucent, Tellabs
Philadelphia, Pa.CBR DeploymentMarch 2000 Lucent, Tellabs
San Francisco, Calif. CBRDeployment1999 Lucent, Tellabs
Washington, D.C. CBRDeployment1999 Lucent, Tellabs
Additional RCN data* Voice "connections" 246,427
SureWest BroadbandSacramento, Calif. CBR
Time Warner Cable Portland, MaineVoIP Trial
Rochester, N.Y.VoIP Trial
Tampa, Fla. VoIP Trial
* As of June 30, 2002
** Comcast took over operations following acquisition of Jones Intercable systems.
*** Property obtained via swap with AT&T Broadband.
CBR: Constant bit rate.
VoIP: Voice-over-Internet Protocol.


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