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Thu, 02/28/2002 - 7:00pm

ATLANTA–Concurrent Computer Corp. has announced its new MediaHawk Model 3000 Video Server, optimized for the requirements of end-to-end interactive television (iTV) applications.

The new MediaHawk Model 3000 Video Server features a server throughput capacity of 2,640 Mbps, as well as 1,000 hours of content storage and 3,520 streams in a single rack at 3 Mbps. Additionally, Concurrent's new video server offers integrated QAMs and an upconverter package, RAID 5 content striping, and Fibre Channel Switch technology for centralized storage applications.

Concurrent's series of MediaHawk Video Servers is designed to support multiple digital set-top box platforms, including Scientific-Atlanta, Motorola, Sony, Pioneer and Pace. In addition, the server series is designed to operate optimally in both a distributed network architecture, minimizing network transport infrastructure requirements and system costs, and a centralized network architecture, minimizing physical space requirements and incremental facility costs. With this flexibility, Concurrent's MediaHawk Video Servers can support VOD in small and midsize markets, as well as the largest broadband systems. Customers can scale both video storage and stream capacity in various increments.

Concurrent's MediaHawk Broadband VOD System features the MediaHawk Video Server and MediaHawk Business Management System (BMS), which provide cable operators all the tools necessary to run their VOD business from end-to-end, according to the company. The MediaHawk BMS includes a complete system for managing content, subscriber demographic information, transaction and usage analysis, billing, and order fulfillment. Concurrent's VOD technology enables subscribers to use a digital set-top box to instantly call up digital movies and other programming from a list that includes major movie titles, and control their selected movie with VCR-like functionality including fast-forward, pause and rewind.



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