Making sure MSOs don't have to keep on truckin'

Fri, 11/30/2001 - 7:00pm
Mike Lafferty

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The rollout of high-speed Internet services would be far less successful if it weren't for companies like BroadJump Inc. When it first introduced its Virtual Truck Installer product nearly two years ago, broadband service providers were just coming to the realization that self-installation and provisioning was the only way they were going make high-speed access a revenue earner instead of a revenue burner.

Since that time, BroadJump has compiled an enviable list of cable and DSL broadband customers. So much so, in fact, that it claims its customer roster of leading service providers account for more than 60 percent of the North American broadband market. As a result, the company says its Virtual Truck product is fulfilling high-speed access for more than 8,000 broadband consumers a day.

This past year alone, the company added a number of broadband powerhouses to its client list. In February, SBC Communications Inc., the nation's leading DSL service provider, hopped on BroadJump's Virtual Truck solution. In April, Adelphia Communications announced it was deploying Broad-Jump's Virtual Truck Installer and Qualifier across 150 affiliates nationwide.

The Virtual Truck qualifier is a promotional vehicle, either on a branded CD-ROM or available as a Web-based download, that helps potential subscribers determine if they have the necessary computing resources to support a broadband connection.

In June, the company's Virtual Truck found a new home north of the border with Bell Canada. Bell Sympatico, Canada's most popular Internet service provider, announced it was including BroadJump's technology in its DSL starter kits. More recently, Charter Communications signed on with BroadJump's Qualifier and Installer technology.

One of BroadJump's more interesting initiatives what it calls its Partner Network. The program is designed to bring together best-of-breed broadband technologies in applications and content, infrastructure and customer premise equipment, not only to enhance the installation and provisioning experience, but to create value-added revenue streams that can be automatically provisioned as subscribers establish their broadband connection.

So far, BroadJump has partnered with Core Networks to provide a more expansive view of the broadband connections and network. It's partnered with Incanta to create a turnkey package of value-added services, e.g., personalized radio service and a customized video service. BroadJump and Terayon are also working together simplify service fulfillment through the integration of BroadJump's technology with Terayon's TeraJet family of modems.

In May, BroadJump and announced they were integrating their solutions to allow service providers to offer their subscribers value-added security services such as personal firewall and anti-virus protection.

Just recently, BroadJump announced its most recent partner, SkyDesk Inc. This latest partnership will integrate BroadJump's Virtual Truck Installer with SkyDesk's SmartClone data migration solution and @Backup online data protection service.


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