Comparing high-speed data turnkey providers, part I

Wed, 09/30/1998 - 8:00pm

Below is part I of CED's October, 1998 comparison of high-speed data turnkey providers, which accompanied our article: Turnkey solutions: Bringing smaller ops online. Subscriber/customer totals represent cable subs or homes passed by a cable system.

@Home Network

25 Broadway Redwood City, CA 94063

Tel: 650-569-5000; Fax: 650-569-5100

Web address:

Key contact: Rob Bonham, e-mail:

Cable modems: Proprietary/Motorola, Com21, LANCity, Terayon, General Instrument; MCNS/Cisco, Bay Networks, 3Com.

Headend equipment: Cisco routers; Sun and SGI servers; CMTS (see modems listed above).

Current deployments underway/completed: N/A

Deployment agreements/projected deployment date: N/A

Cable Web Services Inc.

200 Four Falls Corporate Center Ste. 200

West Conshohocken, PA 19428

Tel: 610-238-0191; Fax: 610-238-0221

Web address: or

Key contact: William (Bill) Stribney, e-mail: or Tel: 610-238-0109

Cable modems: Patent-pending modems developed and owned by CWS.

Headend equipment: Adtran CSU/DSU; Cisco router; Industrial Rack mount server with NT and CWS data modulator; Scientific-Atlanta RF Modulator; Battery backup; IP Brick, Hub.

Current deployments/agreements: Company/service being launched Oct. 98

Befera Interactive Cablenet

P.O. Box 808, 522 Howard St., Hibbing, MN 55746

Tel: 218-262-0001; Fax: 218-262-0006

Web address:

Key contact: Jason Malmstrom, e-mail:

Cable modems: Less than 3,000 subs/one-way: 3Com/US Robotics; more than 3,000 subs: Com21 HCX/ComPort

Headend equipment: Servers: Silicon Graphics; small systems (250–3,000 subs): remote serving and authentication from NOC via Internet; medium systems (3,000–7,000 subs): O2 multi-processor rack mount Web servers; medium/large systems (7,500–20,000 subs): Origin 200 system; large systems (20,000+ subs): Origin 2000 system; Routers: Cisco 2500, 4500 or 7500 series; Dial-up modems: US Robotics Total Control; Management systems: US Robotics Total Control and Com21 NMAPs.

Current deployments underway/completed: Range TV Cable—Hibbing, MN, 6,100 subs.

Deployment agreements/projected deployment date: Midwest Cable Communications—Bemidji, MN, 7,000 subs, Sept. 98; Bresnan Communications—Ely, MN, 3,000 subs, Sept. 98; Bresnan Communications—International Falls, MN, 5,000 subs, Sept. 98; Range TV Cable—Chisholm, MN, 3,000 subs, Oct. 98; Range TV Cable—Mt. Iron, MN, 2,500 subs, Nov. 98; Range TV Cable—Virginia, MN, 5,000 subs, Nov. 98; Range TV Cable—Nashwauk/Keewatin, MN, 1,000 subs, Dec. 98. Corp.

3950 Johns Creek Court, Ste. 300 Suwanee, GA 30024-1265

Tel: 770-416-9993; Fax: 770-416-9994

Web address:

Key contact: David Ames, e-mail:; Tel: 770-416-9993, ext. 206; Fax: see above

Cable modems: Com21, Bay Networks, Zenith, Cisco, Samsung, Hayes, 3Com, General Instrument.

Headend equipment: Routers: Cisco, Cayman, 3Com; CMTS: Bay Gen3, Cisco UBR, Com21 HCX, Zenith, 3Com; Misc: Kentrox DSU/CSUs, Livingston PM3.

Current deployments underway/completed: Rifkin & Associates-TN: Columbia, Summertown, Mount Pleasant, Hampshire, Williamsport, Santa Fe, Theta, Spring Hill, Thompson State, Raleigh Hill, Bethesda Duplex, Pottsville, Culleoka, Stiversville, City of Cookville, Sparta, Spencer, City of Lebanon, Alexandria; Total subs: approx. 100,000 active; VA: City of Bedford, Town of Rocky Mount, Lynchburg, Roanoke, Burnt Chimney, Ferrum, Union Hall, Snow Creek, Sontag, Boones Mill, Calloway-Total subs: 4,700 where deployed; FL: Miami Beach, North Bay Village, Surfside, Bay Harbour, Sunny Isles, Golden Beach-Total subs: approx. 105,000.

Westar-CA: Half Moon Bay, Monterey-Total subs: 14,600.

Deployment agreements/projected deployment date: Signed contracts scheduled to deploy represent: FL-two markets, 19,200 subs total, Oct. & Nov. 98; CA-one market, 5,000 subs, Dec. 98; PA-two markets, 240,000 subs total, Oct. & Nov. 98; WV-two markets, 132,000 subs total, Nov. 98 & Jan. 99; CT-two markets, 90,000 subs total; VA-two markets, 54,000 subs total, Mar. 99; GA-three markets, 52,000 subs total, Dec. 98; OH-one market, 2,500 subs, Dec. 98.

@HomeBefera InteractiveCableWeb
Cable system servedNo size limit250–50,000 subs10,000+ subs1,000–150,000 subs
Deploy telephone return?YesYesYesYes
Deploy two-way?YesYesYesYes
Co-branded between provider/operator?YesYesYesVaries; provider supplies equipment
Branded by provider?NoNoNoNo
Branded by operator?NoNoNoNo
Revenue splitTBDNo split. Operator keeps 100% of revenue. Franchise fees based on market size.50/50. Modems & headend equipment provided free of charge.Varies. Typically don't do revenue splits. Negotiate fixed per sub fees based on solution elements provided.
How subs acquire modemsAll options available.Operator sells and installation through retail. Befera provides installer kit with modem, software and promos.Modems free of charge with service.Through local operator
Develop local content?YesYesYesYes
Turnkey billing system?YesYesNoYes
Integration of billing into existing system?YesYesYesYes
Allow ops to handle billing?YesYesYesYes


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