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Ending NSA snooping is up to the Senate now

May 22, 2015 1:20 pm | by The Associated Press | News | Comments

The House has left town, having passed a bill to end the NSA's collection of domestic phone metadata. The fate of the NSA's bulk collection of American phone records is now before the Senate, in what is increasingly looking like a game of legislative chicken.    


Altice setting its sights on TWC

May 22, 2015 12:51 pm | by Brian Santo, @CEDmagazine | News | Comments

Neither company has confirmed they are negotiating, but there’s more than just tea leaves being read here. The French company is talking to banks about raising funds, according to Reuters, and Altice controlling shareholder Patrick Drahi visited TWC CEO Rob Marcus yesterday, according to The Wall Street Journal.


FCC to start assessing fees on DBS duo

May 22, 2015 11:49 am | by Brian Santo, @CEDmagazine | News | Comments

The FCC has decided to start assessing fees on direct broadcast satellite companies for the first time. The Commission is also seeking comment on whether and how to revise the way it currently assesses fees on radio and TV broadcasters.


RIP "Motorola"

May 21, 2015 2:31 pm | by Brian Santo, @CEDmagazine | Blogs | Comments

 Some brands are just brands; some brands become iconic. In the latter category are brands that not only stand for whatever they stand for, but are also invested with history: Ford, Chanel, Hershey’s. Motorola is another, and Arris is retiring it.


Alpha Tech's products now all comply with energy-saving standard

May 21, 2015 1:57 pm | by Helena Fahnrich, @CEDmagazine | News | Comments

All headend powering equipment by Alpha Technologies now meets or exceeds the requirements of the SCTE 186 standard, which outlines physical, environmental, electrical and sustainability requirements for equipment deployed in headends, hub sites, and data centers, all with the goal of making MSOs’ operations more energy efficient.


Sling TV adds Nexus Player to box roster

May 21, 2015 1:14 pm | by Brian Santo, @CEDmagazine | News | Comments

The Nexus player ordinarily sells for $99. Google is temporarily halving the price if the customer also pays for three months of Sling TV. Sling TV and Google are also allowing potential Sling TV subscribers to sample the service on their Nexus Player for free for seven days.


Genband's offers cable a way to sweeten voice services

May 21, 2015 11:47 am | by Jim Barthold, Contributing Editor | News | Comments

Called Kandy, the offering essentially makes Genband, via Kandy and Amazon Cloud services, the service provider for an MSO’s residential voice social network, delivering multi-phone voice, messaging, video and even faxing capabilities to an unlimited number of users.


A cable voice-over-Wi-Fi play could succeed

May 20, 2015 7:32 pm | by Jim Barthold, Contributing Editor | News | Comments

A properly executed cable Voice-over-Wi-Fi service could “make a dent” in traditional cellular business, panelists Genband’s Perspectives15 conference in Orlando agreed, before citing a number of qualifiers that MSOs would need to meet in order to accomplish effective competition.


Spotify confirms it is getting into video

May 20, 2015 4:51 pm | by Helena Fahnrich, @CEDmagazine | News | Comments

Spotify announced it will offer ad-supported streaming video content, which includes podcasts and original content, confirming earlier reports that it would do so.


Cablevision's legal frizzies

May 20, 2015 3:05 pm | by Brian Santo, @CEDmagazine | Blogs | Comments

With an argument that splits hairs with a fine razor, Cablevision Systems is suing Verizon claiming that its rival’s advertising claim that FiOS is “100 percent fiber,” is false.

ZCorum, Alianza ally on white label cloud VoIP service

May 20, 2015 2:24 pm | News | Comments

VoiSelect is based on Alianza’s Cloud Voice technology, and ZCorum is providing digital voice and managed services. Service operators can use it to provide both residential and commercial voice services.


Telcos transform, envious of cable advantages

May 20, 2015 1:53 pm | by Jim Barthold, Contributing Editor | News | Comments

The problem is existing infrastructure. While Verizon would like to move its central offices to fiber, only seven of multiple thousands have moved away from copper. Even Verizon’s FiOS, “the world’s largest fiber deployment,” still operates parallel networks of copper and fiber because some customers won’t surrender their copper-based services.


Telcos need maximize voice revenue to finance going all-IP

May 20, 2015 1:25 pm | by Jim Barthold, Contributing Editor | News | Comments

Telephone service providers who ignore the revenue streams flowing from existing voice services are missing out on a steady stream of money that can finance an all-IP network, Richard Shockey, chairman of the board of the SIP Forum told a telco-centric crowd at Genband’s Perspectives15 conference.


Altice buys control of Suddenlink

May 20, 2015 1:00 pm | by Brian Santo, @CEDmagazine | News | Comments

The deal is valued at $6.7 billion. Altice promised better, more efficient customer relations, tougher negotiations with equipment suppliers, and consumption-based pricing on broadband. Suddenlink CEO Jerry Kent will retire from the company.


Verizon good on spectrum as AOL deal brings subsidized video

May 19, 2015 2:33 pm | News | Comments

As Verizon pegs video as the source of 53 percent of all its data traffic, CFO Fran Shammo said the AOL buy was important because it provides an ad-insertion platform that will allow it to provide subsidized video content. 



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